Grief from relationship loss, health loss
or traumatic bereavement is complex to navigate.

Reclaim your motivation to help your family
and you live your best possible life
with my stages of hope.

Continuity of care for you or your family through life's challenges of non-death loss, terminal illness, and grief.

Guiding you to navigate from pain to fresh terrain:

  • deepen your self-awareness / self-development to focus and concentrate again
  • learn to manage and release anxiety, panic attacks and stress
  • make meaning from loss, trauma and grief
  • find hope, emotional connection, motivation and purpose again

Quick results so that you don't suffer excessively unnecessarily.

I provide a professional service offering expertise, guidance and innovative thinking for personal growth and expanded awareness using the S.T.E.E.R. approach.

(Please note, this is not a chartitable organization offering a limited free service.) 

Providing Online Services For:

Psychotherapist, Grief Educator, Life Coach and International Speaker

Non-Death Losses

For separation / divorce from narcissistic abuse, near-death experiences and more

Terminal Illness

Caregiver Consultant and patient support from terminal diagnosis to end-of-life

Traumatic Bereavement Grief

My unique signature approach to release your suffering quickly

Specialization: Medical Trauma| Child Loss/Childhood Grief | Suicide Prevention| Spiritual/Faith Crisis

Providing Online Services To Support:


For Adolescents (13+) and Adults who want to their process trauma

Personalised sessions to overcome your blocks from trauma, loss & grief challenges.


To help stop destructive patterns & to experience re-connection again

Talk and listen differently to hear alternative perspectives to repair relationships and bond.

Community Membership

For connection with strangers who become understanding friends

Meet others for empathic support and additional coping ideas so you don't feel so alone.

Training & Supervision

Learning & Development training and clinical supervision for grief counsellors / therapists

Upskill with the latest research and wellness tools to better serve your employees or clients.

The incredible support I have received has helped me feel I am not alone, and I am truly grateful for and will always appreciate her care, attention and patience with me. >>> Click here to read the rest

Julie 1-to-1 Adult

    "I was stunned at how much family therapy helped us deal with our losses." >>> Click here to read the rest

    Claire Family

      You deserve to live a fulfilling life 

      without being held back by anxiety, trauma or grief

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      You Don't Have to Say Goodbye:
      5 Ways To Stay Connected After Your Loved One's Passing

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      Are you weathering any of these storms?

      • health challenges / End-of-life (e.g. cancer, dementia, MND)
      • stuck grief due to traumatic / tragic circumstances (e.g. overdose, suicide)
      • suicidal thoughts after the death of a child / spouse / close friend
      • relationship wounds (e.g. betrayal or estrangement)
      • feeling disconnected with your child, or your own voice 
      • loss due to a family / work conflict or narcissism

      These types of loss can cause profound sadness and grief.

      These are my specialisms that can help guide you through.


      • children / teens issues
      • tragic, untimely deaths (children, cancer)
      • spousal loss, which can be complex
      • vocal & communication coaching for loss of confidence
      • parenting coaching through grief or divorce
      • spiritual coaching and unusual spiritual experiences

      Your grief from loss is precious and it deserves to be expressed and
      processed with someone who understands the complexity of the grief journey.

      Have you tried alternative support that uses only one approach
      which you have found ineffective?

      S.T.E.E.R your way through grief with a guide by your side
      to see what you've never seen before.

      Using a unique multi- perspective approach personalized to your values and needs… 

      Because grief is an all-consuming ‘body, mind, spirit’ experience that requires a fully integrated approach.

      Let’s work together to find an effective way, using the S.T.E.E.R. approach, 

      to release painful feelings of trauma and loss so you can feel uplifted.  

      When Will I Feel Better?

      The passing of time is not enough to bring healing and wholeness.

      It takes dedicated time to intentionally process it.  

      Starting early to avoid ill health is a wise investment in your personal growth.


      6-Weeks Growth Experience


      Free yourself from emotional suffering
      so that you are able to concentrate again


      Weekly sessions to come to a place of acceptance and peace without the guilt


      3-Month Growth Experience


      Navigate through the overwhelm
      to function optimally again


      Weekly sessions to learn how to manage your grief appropriately in each context


      5-Month Growth Experience


      Grow into a higher level of awareness, personal development and confidence  


      Weekly or fortnightly sessions to discover your purpose, vitality and voice

      Lean into the process to find your courage - and feel uplifted.

      Let's discuss charting your course to find the best path for you.

      Taking you further than you can go on your own...

      • Reduce guilt, addictions, suicidal thoughts, the risk of divorce, or family estrangement
      • Gain the ability to identify and convey your needs to improve your relationships
      • Understand how your habitual beliefs might be limiting you and holding you back
      • Develop emotional courage to bounce back and (re)build a fulfilling life 
      • Remember your departed and their passing with more love and lightness rather than pain

      Helping you feel better than before.

      Santou Carter

      What's different about me?

      Hi, I’m Santou.  I’m an Advanced Grief & Trauma Specialist in private practice. My calling as a Servant Leader is to guide people with trauma, anxiety, loss & grief began 25 years ago. 

      My mission is to help people move through stages of hope keeping them accountable on their journey.  I serve as a traumatic grief therapist, community healthcare chaplain, certified coach, an international speaker and published writer.  I can help guide you through the transitional stages of your life’s journey from loss to re-connection, so you can live a full life with hope.

      I do this using a unique multi-disciplinary approach bridging psychotherapy, cultural knowledge, spirituality, theology and research.

      No matter your faith, religious denomination, or cultural beliefs, my approach is all-inclusive.  I welcome those who might have become disillusioned with, or still attend, their faith community or who consider themselves atheist.

      What Clients Are Saying...

      "I had Santou for 16 sessions and she had helped get my thoughts and feelings out. I was able to express feelings openly as she made me feel more comfortable".

      Miranda 1-To-1 Adolescent

      Santou was able to help me reconcile my challenges at work with the fact that I am not alone and there are many others going through similar challenges. This gave me hope which, at the time, I was very short of. You would be amazed how hope can help transform your physical, emotional and psychological state.

      Fola Professional

        Let's discuss charting your course through grief to find the best path for you.

        Your life-expanding path to growth begins when...

        • You contact me via email to arrange an assessment call to discuss if this paid service is for you to transform your challenges.

        • We create a customised plan using the S.T.E.E.R. approach to meet your emotional, mental, spiritual and practical needs.

        • I accompany you on your grief journey until you feel confident enough to continue that journey independently.