Transition Accompanying

“Even as we grieved, we grew.
  Even as we hurt, we hoped.
  Even as we tired, we tried…
  to author a new chapter,
  to offer hope and laughter to
  [each other and]…
  emerge, battered and beautiful.”

            “The Hill We Climb”                         –  Amanda Gorman

Confidential Personalised Caregiving Services 

Are you experiencing a death anxiety (a fear of dying)?  Or struggling with your identity or purpose?

Are you needing help with conversations about relationship dynamics that may be causing distress?

Would you like help with creating meaningful honour-rituals or a memorial service after the death of a person you have lost?

Death transitioning is a tense period in the last stage of life.  It can be an opportunity for personal, emotional and spiritual growth, and strengthening family bonds, or it can tear families apart.  I’ve witnessed both.

This importance of having family conversations for anyone preparing for eventual death can begin at any time, i.e. days, weeks, months, or years before or nearing the end of life.  

Since my first role accompanying the dying many years ago (see the About Me page), I’ve come to realise how crucial these open conversations are during the dying process to help reduce intense feelings of guilt, shock or shame for the dying and others after death.  The woman I accompanied emotionally and spiritually was really gracious in her dying process.  This left a strong impression on me, and my perception of death and dying was transformed; it deepened my compassion for others as well as for myself.  The experience gave me with the impetus to help other families feel able to have the best send off possible. 

I provide an array of support (see below) as part of your multi-disciplinary caregiving team (doctors, nurses, occupational health, physiotherapists, etc.) to help fulfill your wishes on your journey from the point of diagnosis onwards.  We can prepare together for peace of mind.




I provide an online service for private in-home palliative or community hospice patients and their families/friends, which can include any of the following:

  • communication and advocacy, including how to have conversations with healthcare professionals and family members about fulfilling your healthcare wishes, e.g. Advanced Care Directives
  • facilitation of family conversations with conflicting views
  • end-of-life coaching, to help you identify your goals and priorities
  • sound healing, including trained singing, meditative sounds and guided meditations upon request
  • companionship, including life review and reflective conversations
  • emotional, including help with various concerns, such as death anxiety
  • spiritual accompanying, including discussions on what gives you strength and hope for a meaningful farewell
  • reconciliation and forgiveness
  • religious support, including prayers and scripture
  • developing legacy projects, including helping you to write your life story to enable others to remember you in the way you’d like to be remember

Meaningful Farewells Café (an open, ongoing limited-size group). This will be a free-flowing discussion in which we will share ideas of meaningful activities to support the dying and their families.

Post-death for the family

  • Providing support for families to create a meaningful, personalised tribute to honour and remember the person you have lost.
  • custom-designing, co-ordinating and leading memorial services online which enables accessibility for distant relatives.

  • writing a tribute or helping with aspects of a funeral or memorial service, such as choosing music or poetry

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Life-Limiting Illnesses

Support for an expected loss from life-limiting illnesses ranging from long-term health conditions to end-of-life care.

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Coaching for Widowed Parents

Support for individuals, widow(er)s and families to learn how to cope with transitions, living losses, and death.

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Counselling / Talking Therapy

For significant living losses and grief from traumatic deaths.  Flexible number of sessions with a highly trained grief specialist.

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Support Groups

  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Conversation Cafés
  • Resilient Parenting for the bereaved

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Webinars and

Live online bereavement training and presentations for employees, and volunteers to learn how to support others.