“Loss is inevitable.
Think of losses involved in moving, or losing a job, or living with a chronic condition, the breakup of a relationship, or the death of a dream.

Many living losses are mourned in the same way as losses involving death.
Living losses [can be] easier to face with the help of a grief coach.”

– Dr. Don Eisenhauer

Future Goal-Focused Support

Are you struggling to make decisions? Do you have difficulty dealing with conflict?  

Do you need help determining or prioritising what’s most important to you?  

Are you struggling with parenting after the death of a spouse?

Coaching for Loss, End-of-Life and Bereaved Parents

Coaching is for those needing encouragement to develop a new skill, achieve specific goals and fulfil desired hopes. 

I draw upon a variety of coaching approaches, such as NLP,  Solution-Focused Approach, Motivational Interviewing and more to provide people with extra support for issues such as:

  • non-death living losses (e.g. unemployment, retirement)
  • life-limiting diagnosis (palliative or end-of-life fears and hopes)
  • post-death (resilient parenting for caregivers of bereaved children)

The Resilient-Parenting Coaching

Parenting can be challenging when grieving because stress can make it difficult to focus on others

  • Surviving parents and caregivers are the most powerful resource for helping bereaved children to cope with the loss of their parent.

  • Research has shown that resilience in caregivers and children can be promoted by:

        • teaching practical tools to build family bonds and for self-care
        • develop five key building blocks of resilience in the family (which leads to long-term positive development for children!).


  • Lower levels of distressing grief
  • Lower levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts/attempts
  • Lower use of mental health services and psychiatric medication
  • Higher levels of self-esteem

Prior to coaching, some free effective evidence-based resources, including videos and tip sheets, can be accessed via Resilient Parenting Resources.

If you need extra support after viewing these resources, please contact me for one-to-one coaching support.


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Transition Accompanying

Support for an expected loss from life-limiting illnesses ranging from long-term health conditions to end-of-life care.

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Coaching 1-to-1 and Groups

Support for individuals and families in decision-making and to learn how to cope with transitions, living losses, and death.

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Unlimited weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions of specialist support when in despair or unable to function well.

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  • Conversation Cafés
  • Resilient Parenting

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