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Therapeutic Support

Online Traumatic Grief Support Group

Traumatic Grief: Why Traditional Counselling May Not Be Enough

Traumatic grief arises from devastating losses such as suicides, accidents, COVID-19 pandemic, or witnessing the prolonged suffering from illnesses of a loved one.  These kinds of death creates emotional turmoil far more intense and overwhelming than normative grief.  The journey to healing is complex because of the trauma that it creates, which is stored in the body.

This intense form of grief can leave you with an overwhelming state of shock and disbelief, disrupting every facet of your life — from work and relationships to fundamental self-care routines. Unlike normative grief, which generally becomes more bearable over time, traumatic grief can feel like an unmanageable weight, frequently activating intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbances, and a profound sense of detachment and isolation.

Navigating this complex emotional landscape often requires the expertise of a psychotherapist trained in trauma-informed approaches, offering specialized support and guidance to help you  embark on a journey toward healing and resilience.

It’s crucial to recognize that while counsellors and volunteers provide invaluable support for a range of emotional challenges, their core training often doesn’t encompass the specific skills required to navigate the intricacies of traumatic grief.  This specialized area of trauma recovery demands a deep understanding of trauma’s impact on the human psyche and the physical body, something typically beyond the scope of general counselling training.

If you are grappling with traumatic grief, you will benefit from my expertise as a psychotherapist specifically trained in trauma, grief and traumatic grief, as well as formal training in group process and group facilitation.  I have the advanced skills and understanding necessary to help guide you in understanding the complexities of traumatic grief to raise your awareness of how your unprocessed trauma is affecting your work and relationships – and provide resources to manage it.  With years of experience working with traumatized clients, I offer a level of support and guidance that can be pivotal in your journey towards healing and resilience.

What each session includes for both groups

Each session will include:

  • a check-in and check-out process to acknowledge your emotional state at the start and end of the session
  • group sharing and question and answer time
  • a grounding technique or tool for managing intense emotions to try in the session and daily throughout the week
  •  additional resources or readings of your choice for participants to engage with outside of the group sessions
For more information about the topic of each session and to register, click the button below that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you miss a session, reach out to me via the Contact page and I can provide you with a summary of what you have missed.

Given the nature of these sessions, they will not be recorded so everyone can feel safe and comfortable to speak freely.

At any point throughout these sessions, you can reach out to me for additional support and comfort.

Grave Talk Conversations Cafe

Saturday 15th May 2021 – 7- 9 pm (UK – GMT)

A facilitated, small-group informal conversation with prompt questions, e.g. How would you like to be remembered? What is your favourite possession and who are you leaving it to? 

* Please note this event is not a grief support group for those who are newly bereaved, but rather, a space for people to contemplate their value, worth and wishes about the inevitable dying process, in a space that honours what they have to say.

Faith Forum Presentation: Expressions of Grief and how faith communities can appropriately support the bereaved

Tuesday 27th July 2021 – noon – 12:30 pm (UK – GMT)For Zoom link, please register your interest by using the contact form or emailing

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