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Family Grief Support

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“Loss is inevitable.
Think of losses involved in living with a chronic condition, the breakup of a relationship, or the death of a dream.

Many living losses are mourned in the same way as losses involving death
and  [can be] easier to face with the help of a grief coach.”

– Dr. Don Eisenhauer

The Grief Support Available For You

  1. Coaching – for personal communication skills development within the family or self-mastery
  2. Therapy – a more directive approach using various tools to release the trauma and feel better
  3. Chaplaincy – for spiritual development and understanding
  • Make sense of what’s going on with your feelings or circumstances
  • Discuss difficult feelings and have them validated, including after-death communications and visitations
  • Discuss the physical and mental impact your loss is having on you  
  • Increase self-awareness and regain lost confidence

Resilient-Parenting Coaching

Parenting can be challenging when grieving the loss of a spouse because stress can make it difficult to focus on others

  • Surviving parents and caregivers are the most powerful resource for helping bereaved children to cope with the loss of their parent.
  • Research has shown that resilience in caregivers and children can be promoted by:
    • teaching practical tools to build family bonds and for self-care
    • develop five key building blocks of resilience in the family (which leads to long-term positive development for children)

Benefits for children, adolescents and adults:

  • Lower levels of distressing grief
  • Lower levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts/attempts
  • Lower use of mental health services and psychiatric medication
  • Higher levels of self-esteem


For brief, free resources please see Resilient Parenting Resources.

For more in-depth work and personalised support, please contact me for one-to-one or family coaching or therapy.

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10-week Resilient Parenting Group 

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Soothe Your Grief From Trauma, Anxiety and Loss

Your sessions will help you come to terms with:

During Life

Developing your courage to overcome adversity and form a strategy to move forward for you and those you care about

Health / End-of-Life

Adjusting to living with a new condition or preparing for the last stage of life for you and those around you


Supporting your emotional pain and offering you tools to release your suffering and that of your family and colleagues

Soothe Your Grief From…

"It was amazing for my family, working with Santou. I was stunned at how much family therapy helped us deal with our losses. Santou is trustworthy and sincere. She was able to teach us how to manage our emotions in a creative way. She always made useful, thoughtful suggestions. My family and I really benefited from her expertise and it helped us to see things from a different perspective. I think we will always make use of what we learnt together".

Claire Family

During Life Challenges and Transitions

  • Film therapy to access feelings and one’s life narrative
  • Social anxiety that prevents speaking and connecting with others
  • Communication issues within the family
  • Loss from spousal separation / divorce
  • Loss of confidence
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Religious trauma

Health / End-of-Life Transitions

  • Receptive music therapy to access memories, feelings and thoughts to talk through
  • Spiritual / religious chaplaincy conversations at end-of-life
  • Coaching for clarity of priorities
  • Coaching for life story / memoirs
  • Religious services (prayers, blessings, baptism, commendation)
  • Spiritual / religious crisis discussions

Bereavement Transitions

  • Forming a continuing bond with the deceased
  • Poetry and art therapy to find your meaning of the loss
  • Make sense of events (surrounding the death)
  • Make sense of thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Overcoming rumination to break perpetual negative thought cycles
  • Tips to manage your everyday life effectively while grieving, e.g. sleep issues
  • Adapting with more confidence to a family structure that has changed

Have you tried alternative support that uses only one approach
which you have found ineffective?

S.T.E.E.R™ your way through grief with a trusted guide by your side
to see what you've never seen before.

Using a unique multi- perspective approach personalized to your values and needs… 

Because grief is an all-consuming ‘body, mind, spirit’ experience that requires a fully integrated approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies depending on your needs and the length of the session you require. Family sessions are typically 90-minutes to allow everyone’s voice to be heard, but can be 60-minutes if suitable . It really would require a conversation to find the best way forward for your circumstance.  I offer a free 30-minute clarity call to determine the best way forward.  Click the purple button below to schedule a call.

For the best results, weekly sessions are recommended. Fortnightly might be possible as well, depending on your circumstance.  Let’s discuss it to find the best way forward for you.  Click the purple box below to schedule your free 30-minute clarity call.

This varies depending on the circumstances of the death, the type of relationship you had, and so many other factors. It would be easier to give an indication, if I could find out a little more.  I offer a free 30-minute clarity call , which you can schedule by clicking in the purple box below.  

All services delivered online via a choice of:

  • Video
  • Telephone

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