A unique multi- perspective approach,
custom-tailored to your values and needs

The S.T.E.E.R. approach encompasses...

S – Spiritual/Religious:  for hope and holy honouring

T – Tailored:  for grounding and skills development

E – Emotional:  awareness and techniques for calming and soothing

E – Educational:  because knowledge reduces fear of the unknown

R – Relationships:  for (re)-connection to self and others

…because grief is an all-consuming ‘mind, body, spirit’ experience that requires an integrative approach.

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Spiritual Awareness/Religious Provision: 

– making sense of life

– processing mysterious or spiritually unexplained experiences, such as after-death communication 

– discovering together inner resources to calm spiritual distress or crisis

– exploring a re-evaluation or expansion of your beliefs

– collaboratively customising funeral services for your needs

Tailored Tools:  

– customised practical and creative tips suitable for your lifestyle and ethnic culture that you can put to use straight away to manage your grief better

Emotional Regulation: 

– empathy to enable you to explore the full range of your emotional landscape and to be able to express yourself fully in a non-judgemental space

Educational Learning:  

– learning the difference between depression and grief

– learning skills and strategies for natural self-care

– exploring new ideas and possibilities for personal or professional growth


– working with families that are in conflict about end-of-life care

– facilitating important conversations between family members

– learning how to ask for the appropriate support you need from your work manager

– consulting on funeral planning

When Will I Feel Better?

Time alone is not enough to bring healing and wholeness (see blog further down)

Be intentional about processing your grief and start early


6-Weeks Growth Experience


Free yourself from emotional suffering
so that you are able to concentrate again


Weekly sessions to come to a place of acceptance and peace without the guilt


3-Month Growth Experience


Navigate through the overwhelm
to function optimally again


Weekly sessions to learn how to manage your grief appropriately in each context


5-Month Growth Experience


Grow into a higher level of awareness, personal development and confidence  


Weekly or fortnightly sessions to discover your purpose, vitality and voice

Lean into the process to find your courage - and feel uplifted.

Let's discuss charting your course to find the best path for you.

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