Bereavement & Suicide Training, Presentations & Consultancy

Bereavement & Suicide Presentations, Training, and Consultancy

Does your organisation have:

  • staff presenteeism?  impact: poor work performance / customer service
  • staff absenteeism?   impact: extended sick leave or departures for not feeling sufficiently supported
  • staff with suicidal thoughts or who have completed suicide?  impact: anxiety and grief in the whole organisation

With training…

manage conversations better to help the mental wellbeing of patients or staff

build skills & confidence to talk openly, and support each other better 

Live online bespoke presentations:

Examples include:

  • different types of grief, how to recognise signs and symptoms
  • how organisations can appropriately support the bereaved e.g. what to say / not to say to the bereaved)

Examples of bespoke training packages for:

Educational settings to support staff and young people

  • CPD for leadership team to have a process for supporting staff who have suicidal thoughts
  • training for pastoral team to develop empathy / listening skills, managing tension and conflict, and dealing with families
  • For leadership team to learn how to manage and pastorally hold whole-school grief
  • Learn how to support staff and pupils who are mourning a loss (what to say / not to say)

Health & social care professionals (GPs, nursing homes, hospices) 

  • Breaking bad news sensitively to patients and their friends/family
  • How to have end-of-life conversations with patients, imbuing hope nevertheless
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity in death, dying and bereavement
  • Spiritual care and bereavement care conversations with patients and family/friends

Faith Communities

  • Training volunteers to offer appropriate levels of support
  • How to provide appropriate responses to support bereaved members in your faith community (and what not to say to cause more pain)
  • Setting up and promoting bereavement support within your local community, e.g. bereavement cafe

Businesses/HR Departments to support staff

  • For managers or teams who are grieving the death of an employee/team member
  • For managers to have a process for supporting staff who have suicidal thoughts

    Reach out to discuss your needs


    Death impacts the entire network or community within the organisation.  So when you don’t have confidence in addressing these issues effectively, it can be demoralising upon the whole system within the organisation.

    I can offer expert knowledge and critical, honest advice to organisations on matters of policies, procedures, conducting caring conversations with staff, and designing meaningful bespoke memorial services (see example below) to manage loss and grief within organisations.

    *** Example ***

    A national charity, called Escaping Victimhood, approached me to help them design a bespoke memorial service for their group members.

    I will be leading some workshops to encourage group members to offer creative contributions (e.g. poems, prayers, handiwork) for the memorial service, which I will be conducting.

    If you would like something similar or more bespoke for your own organisation, please contact me to discuss you needs.



    Limiting/Terminal Illnesses

    Support for an expected loss from life-limiting illnesses ranging from long-term health conditions to end-of-life care.

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    Parenting Coach for the Widowed

    Support for bereaved single parents, and individuals to learn how to cope with transitions, living losses, and death.

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    Counselling / Talking Therapy

    For significant living losses and grief from traumatic deaths.  Flexible number of sessions with a highly trained grief specialist.

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    Support Groups

    • Adolescents
    • Adults
    • Conversation Cafés
    • Resilient Parenting for the bereaved

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    Web-classes and

    Live online bereavement training and presentations for employees, and volunteers to learn to support appropriately.