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A Spiritual Therapeutic Writing Group for Those with Cancer

Transforming Loss of Health into Meaningful Reflection


About this Online Cancer Writing Group

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a profound experience—one that leaves you grappling with shock, anxiety, complex emotions, and questions. As an ordained priest, a Healthcare Chaplain for hospitals and hospice, and a daughter who lost her father and friends to cancer, I understand the importance of processing these feelings with someone who is not going to discount the diagnosis, and cheer you up, but rather offer you hope no matter what the outcome.  

Now, imagine a non-judgemental space where you can explore your shock, anxiety and anticipatory grief through the power of your writing, guided by my compassionate presence.

In this intimate small writing group designed specifically for those who have received a cancer diagnosis you will have the opportunity to express yourself through the writing process and vocalize it in the sharing time, if you wish.

I believe that within death anxiety and anticipatory grief lies an opportunity for healing, transformation, and connection with the divine.

What to Expect

  1. Guided Writing Sessions: Each session will provide prompts and themes related to the dying process, spirituality, and anticipatory grief. You will have the chance to express your feelings, memories, and insights through your writing. And if you don’t want to write and just want to listen to others, as you continue to process internally, that is fine too.
  2. Shared Reflections: You will have the opportunity to share your written reflections with the group, fostering a sense of community with those who understand this difficult journey. Together, we’ll explore how God’s presence can be found even in the midst of health loss. 
  3. Spiritual Insights: As a priest, I will offer a unique, non-dogmatic perspective that will illuminate the spiritual dimensions of what is to come.  We’ll delve into questions about legacy, faith, and the eternal journey.


Why Join?

  • Healing Through Words: Writing is a powerful tool for processing emotions. By putting pen to paper, you can release your pent-up, hidden feelings, find solace, and and explore any forgiveness that you may feel needs to happen for you to find peace.
  • Community Support: Connecting with others who share similar experiences can be profoundly comforting. Our group provides a supportive environment where emotional vulnerability and the full range of emotions are welcomed.
  • Discovering Your Legacy: Together, we’ll seek glimpses of divine beauty and gratitude over your lifetime, even in the current face of loss, to balance out your feelings the cycle of hope and despair. By exploring the meaning of your life you will acknowledge your achievements, your ability to love and forgive others, and discover your legacy to your family.
  • You might even want to turn your writing into a legacy memoir that you might want to publish.  I have a different program for that.  Please inquire by email.


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